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Alarm Management
Without Limits!​

Alarm Management Awareness Day

23 April 2024

Is your organisation grappling with alarm overloads, inefficiencies, and operational risks?​

Unmanaged process alarms can lead to downtime, safety hazards, and decreased productivity.  But fear not!​

Our Alarm Management Awareness day will be an insight into how you can improve the efficiency, safety and compliance of your plant.



  • 9:30 - Registration
  • 10:00 - Introduction 
    Max Jones
    Alarm management challenges in industry

  • 10:15 - What does a bad control system look like and how did we get there?
    Charlotte Smith
    Alarms have been part of SCADA systems since their inception.  In this session, you will see how control rooms evolved into environments that can sometimes be overwhelming for operators and why this issue happens.
  • 10:30 - Why is alarm management important?
    Tom Renwick​
    Managing alarms is for many businesses, a mandatory requirement; e.g., COMAH regulated sites. For non-regulated businesses, managing alarms and alarm systems appropriately brings improvements such as reduced demand on safety systems, fewer unnecessary production outages, improved product quality and of course, a less stressful operating environment for your operators which reduces the potential for costly mistakes.​
  • 11:15 - Break
  • 11:35 - How to use alarm management for improvements 
    Ian Brown
    Having an optimised alarm system is very important for the safe, effective and low stress operation of process plants.  This session will explain how to measure alarm system performance and then how that data can be used to make improvements.  The session will also cover the alarm improvement process, the roles of each of the stakeholders, why alarm rationalisation is important and how successful sessions are conducted.
  • 12:15 - Lunch
  • Demo of alarm management solutions
    Tom Renwick
    • Sequence of events
    • Dashboards
    • Reporting

  • 13:15 - Closing, Max Jones



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Cheadle Royal Business Park,
Cheadle, SK8 3GX  



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