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Webinar - Alarm
management best

A customer journey

All of us want to prevent plant trips, increase operator effectiveness, make our facilities safer and reduce our maintenance costs. To achieve this we need an effective alarm system in place. For some of us an alarm system is critical to comply with regulations and for all of us it must help to keep production running and reduce insurance costs.  

Do you have an effective alarm system? The reality for a lot of companies is that their operators are overloaded with nuisance alarms which prevent them from taking a pro-active approach to reduce losses from occurring. The underlying cause is that they do not have a proper alarm management strategy in place. 

In this webinar Russell Fraser of SSE will join us to discuss their journey to establish a successful alarm management practice. He will take us from where they started to where they are today, what their challenges were and what they have learnt. 

What you will learn: 

  • What is alarm management and where it fits in your system 
  • How do you define an alarm? 
  • Why you need a sound alarm philosophy 
  • How to get your alarm system under control 
  • What tools are available to help you manage your alarm system 


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