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Whitepaper: Alarm Management Without Limits

Alarm Management Without Limits

A perception shift in alarm management

There is no doubting the importance of alarms to the safe operation of countless industrial systems. Alarms, and the subsequent discipline of Alarm Management, have come a long way from the very first analogue alarms, Alarm Management can offer much more in the digital age.

The journey of alarms from a necessary hardware cost for the safe operation of big plants to a value driving software for almost any industrial environment tracks closely with the digitalisation of industry over the past thirty years or so. Yet relatively few industrial applications have considered what Alarm Management software could do for them if they removed the traditionally perceived limitations associated with it.

This white paper explores how Alarm Management has the potential to play a central role in a continuous improvement philosophy that drives efficiency and profitability, re-framing the way we think about alarms.

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