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Applying IT Best Practices
to OT Systems

Applying IT Best Practices to OT Systems

Are IT best practices applicable to OT?

Join us as we explore the similarities and differences between IT and OT systems and debate what improvements IT best practices can bring to the OT world.  

We’ll consider the extent to which IT best practices and technologies are relevant to OT architecture and what this means for the convergence of IT and OT. 

Our expert will outline approaches in connecting OT and IT systems and explain the effective use of proven IT technologies in OT environment. 

Register now to learn how these approaches can: 

  • Improve uptime​ 
  • Harden security​ 
  • Speed up recovery​ 
  • Increase accountability​ 
  • Reduce Human Error​ 
  • Make better use of data, making data available​ to those who need it 
  • Drive efficiency 

This webinar takes a wide-ranging look at the adoption of IT technologies in OT environments, including cyber security best practices, network segregation and managing high availability hardware & software OT resources effectively.

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