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AVEVA (Wonderware) InTouch HMI 2021 Release Enables the Right Transformations

What’s new and what can it do?​

Yes, you can build a highly resilient SCADA/HMI System without replacing your entire hardware platform!

The AVEVA (Wonderware) InTouch HMI 2020 new release offers a lot of new capabilities that enable you to introduce small changes for big gains.

Our way of work is evolving. Under the current market conditions, all kinds of challenges continue to impact the plant floor. Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex, while cyber security requirements are hardening. No matter where you are in your DX journey, we are here to take you a few steps further.

In this webinar, we will talk about the small changes you can make to continue your digital evolution while protecting the investments already made. You’ll learn how to establish consistent process visualisation standards and leverage mobile, historian and cloud.   

Register for our webinar to learn about the latest improvements to AVEVA InTouch and why you should build on what you have without the need to replace existing structures: 

  • InTouch Web Client – full browser support, read/write access, HTML 5 support and security improvements
  • New UI and improved workflows to streamline common tasks
  • AVEVA Connect – manage Industrial Graphics in the cloud


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