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AVEVA (Wonderware) System Platform 2020 R2

What’s new and what can it do?​

Upgrade or migrate? The AVEVA (Wonderware) System Platform 2021 release makes the decision easy for you.

Manufacturers today face a number of common challenges; operators are overloaded with data in the control room and frequently become the bottleneck in consuming and interpreting this information. Remote working needs to be enabled as a reality of today, which offers advantages to the traditional approach, not a second-best option.

This webinar considers the key question of whether you should consider moving from a traditional SCADA system to System Platform and the benefits provided by OMI (Operations Management Interface) – a new breed of application which empowers people to make better decisions.

You’ll learn how to modernise your operations from the perspectives of hardware, cyber security and system implementation, while protecting the investments already made; setting you on the journey towards the nirvana of digital transformation.

2021_AVEVA R2_SystemPlatform webinar_Control room

Watch the webinar now, and learn how to future-proof your factory with System Platform.

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