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South African mining company leverages AVEVA software to centralise operations, consolidate its value chain, and increase situational awareness among three individual mine shafts

Black Rock Mine Operations (BRMO)

Assmang Proprietary Limited is a joint venture mining company that operates in South Africa. In total, it excavates and produces 3.6 million tons of iron and manganese ore per year across its three separate mine shafts.


  • To migrate a highly fragmented environment to a Central Control Room environment that facilitates collaboration across operations. 
  • To integrate various sources of information ranging from Automation to Asset Management systems to provide a holistic view of the entire value chain of the mine operation.


  • Three separate mine locations complicate cross-site collaboration. 
  • Integration between business systems such as MES and operational systems were unaligned and complex.


  • Nearly double-digit growth in productivity.
  • The CCR environment has improved BRMO’s data quality significantly, with some sources improving more than five-fold.
  • The establishment of the CCR and supporting services was instrumental in the change process by improving in-shift reporting, from less than 50 percent to a sustained 90 percent.

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