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AVEVA software streamlines and improves manufacturing processes and controls costs with comprehensive process automation solutions for La Tortilla Factory.

La Tortilla Factory


  • To control and reduce overall process operating costs.
  • To enable staff to access real-time data for immediate decision making.
  • To effectively link all disparate systems within a single operations platform.


  • A wide range of disparate systems which previously did not work together had to be able to provide accurate performance data.
  • The operations team was unable to successfully achieve day-to-day performance improvements since critical information was not available in real-time.
  • Manual reporting was hindering access to key data metrics.


  • La Tortilla Factory has achieved a 5% improvement in yield.
  • Company-wide visualisation of operations data has improved teamwork and reaction times.
  • AVEVA software has made the company’s culture of continuous improvement much easier to achieve.

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