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How Wonderware enabled an energy trading platform for renewable energy specialist


Solo Energy is a renewable energy specialist that was established in Cork in 2015. It deploys and operates distributed energy storage systems, in the form of home batteries and ‘Vehicle-to-Grid’ (V2G) electric vehicle chargers, at any home or business in the UK that wishes to host one.

Hosts store excess generation in exchange for low cost, 100% renewable electricity, which is supplied by one of Solo’s local energy supply partners.


Discover how we implemented System Platform 2017 to empower Solo Energy to: 

  • Become a constantly evolving company with run-time operations and a full system platform development setup
  • Complete a number of pilot projects which, in turn, have enabled them to prove their business model in the UK and Ireland
  • Move from a test-bed agreement to a commercial agreement with the Cork Internet Exchange by proving the viability of its business model
  • Begin preparations for their commercial roll-out

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