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MES Case Study: Princes Group

AVEVA MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

System Platform is the ideal foundation for Princes as it allows countless software systems and services to be integrated, creating the most complete platform for individual needs.

A fundamental inclusion on the platform was deploying AVEVA’s model-driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Historian.

The model-driven MES approach digitally maintains order effectiveness and quality within plant operations. It enables the standardisation of operational processes, equipment and activities which aligns exactly with the goals of Princes when it comes to recipe management. This equates to fast gains in productivity while keeping the quality that the customer expects consistent. The Historian measures and logs the performance of every machine in the facility faster than a standard database system at a fraction of conventional storage space. 

The company has achieved a complete overhaul of a previously manual process into an automated, digital environment capable of integrating into every other facet of the business.

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