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The 5 most important aspects of
Threat Detection today

The 5 most important aspects of Threat Detection today

Operational technology (OT) assets exist on multiple levels throughout the network, perform vastly different tasks, and require varying levels of human interaction. With ongoing digitalisation projects, the enterprise requires access to real-time data, allowing accessibility to a wider cohort of users across multiple devices. This often bring interconnects between the IT and OT world, along with the threats and risks of a highly interconnected operation.

The security challenges from disparate networks running legacy OT assets can create risks that are compounded by the fact that these operate with limited security features, often utilising proprietary protocols, which are incompatible with traditional security tools. This makes them difficult to correctly identify threats, effectively monitor and suitably protect.

SolutionsPT, along with their partners Claroty, explore the top 5 most important aspects of Threat Detection for OT today. The host, Tony Mannion, explores these factors with Lee Carter, OT Cyber Security Professional along with Claroty Technical Director Gary Kneeland who provides global insight to risks seen across a wide array of industries and will provide a hands on demonstration of the capabilities of Continuous Threat Detection (CTD), the key component of the Claroty security platform.

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