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Down with Downtime!

Episode 1: Increasing Operational Efficiency

How to increase throughput and eliminate nasty stoppages on your production lines.

Is downtime getting you down?  Get rid of it, with our 3-step plan to increase throughput on your production line using AVEVA software solutions and our extensive knowledge of how your goals for operational efficiency can be realised

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to decrease operating costs through the reduction of downtime, waste materials and energy consumption

  • How to get the buy-in you need from senior managers to implement an improvement programme, and what it will take to succeed

  • How to improve quality and throughput by addressing the issue of micro unexpected stoppages and downtime  

  • Why recording and logging OEE by itself won't improve production efficiency


We hear from our resident experts Andy Graham and Deon van Aardt and considering the problems of a real-life use case as well as the solutions which were implemented to do away downtime and increase their throughput. 

Watch the webinar now: