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Down with Downtime!

Episode 3: Powering Productivity

You’ve got a huge amount of machinery in your plant, but it’s the people that power the productivity of your production lines. ​

So how do you communicate work processes to teams on the ground? How do you retain knowledge when staff are absent or leave? And how do you ensure your workforce knows exactly what actions to take in response to alerts of potential equipment failures, which could lead to unplanned downtime? 

This webinar explores the tools that enable you to achieve a more efficient workforce, with relevant data and knowledge of procedures at your fingertips, in any location.

Picking up from our previous webinars, we’ll take a deep dive into how a Digital Twin forms the backbone of your assets, combining information and data to deliver actionable, contextualised information. 

Join us to see how AVEVA is empowering staff to make faster and better decisions, and powering productivity on production lines all over the world. 

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