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Edge Computing For Dummies

Build Edge Computing Expertise

No matter the industry, companies today are under constant pressure to optimise business performance and productivity. Whether it’s an assembly line, an oil and gas pipeline, or a water treatment plant almost every business needs to turn data into actionable results.

In addition to monitoring and control, edge computing provides the capability to collect and analyse data at or near its source, rather than sending it to a central server or cloud for processing and analysis. Ensuring potential problems can be quickly detected and corrected before they cause lost productivity and costly downtime.

Want to know how? Brought to you by our Partners at Stratus this book consists of four chapters that explore:

  • The modern trends that drive the need for edge computing

  • Edge computing challenges and how an edge computing platform can solve them

  • Industry use cases for edge computing 

  • How to assess your organisation’s edge computing maturity level


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