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Introduction to Cisco

Solutions PT discusses with Cisco how industrial needs are changing within the landscape and what will be needed in the future to resolve these problems.  We explore the way in which cisco has broadened its product portfolio over the years to meet these new demands and how it is working with industrial leaders to help support both large and small companies get the right balance of fit, form and function required sometimes in very challenging environments to bring the data connectivity needed for a modern Industry 4.0 application.

With a brief look over how new security concerns affecting every aspect of modern infrastructure is being built into the modern network, along with the way in which the bridge between the traditional OT environment is being influenced and connected to the standard IT network to bring a holistic IoT practice to everyone.

We also discuss how Solutions PT has helped a real customer with an application, giving some insights into the core benefits we can provide and the expertise that helps take concept to process.

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