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Prevention is better than
the cure with Cyber Security

Prevention is better than the cure with Cyber Security



The cost of developing, testing and bringing a new global drug to market for Pharmaceutical companies has been estimated at an average of £1 Billion pounds. The window to recoup this investment is limited.

A cyber security incident at your production layer can pose a triple threat.

Malware is often designed to extract data and expose your intellectual secrets. Many companies isolated their OT network from the outside world as a way of protecting their data, this often isn’t enough.

Malware that is written to affect OT devices can not only alter values but can also damage your physical assets.

Ransomware may leave a big hole in your audit process leading to all production affected being scrapped or re-worked. The resulting loss can go beyond mere money and include damage to reputation.

While your defenses may appear robust, adversaries will target the weakest link which may potentially lie deep within your supply chain. Trust no one, trust no device and always apply a zero-trust approach.

SolutionsPT and MAC Solutions will be exploring with our partner Opswat how they are delivering solutions into the Pharmaceutical and Medical device industries to help companies mitigate the risk of a cyber attack and avoid the consequences discussed above.

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