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Protecting Utilities with
government grade security

Protecting Utilities with government grade security.


Organizations that pipe water, energy, and data into our homes are an enticing target for attackers. The critical importance of these organisations to infrastructure makes them high value for those intent on financial extortion or simply causing chaos. They also hold sensitive information about millions of customers, including financial and contact data. Utility companies are often targeted because they can be used so effectively as phishing lures.

Recently we have seen, with the colonial pipeline in the US, the devastating effects that ransomware can have on being able to supply product and service when control systems are out of action.

Utilities organisations tend to be large and widely distributed with a high incidence of remote and mobile working, even pre-pandemic. With endpoints that are mobile, legacy systems running critical processes and sometimes without robust patching and up-to-date end point protection, how can you keep these services safe and protected?

SolutionsPT with our partners Blackberry will be looking at how mature and trusted Artificial Intelligence can be used to protect critical assets. Blackberry solutions are used by all G7 governments, 18 of the G20 and with its AI technology embedded into 170M automobiles making it one of the hidden security secrets for Operational Technology. We will be taking a deep dive into why critical sectors choose Blackberry to protect their systems and why SolutionsPT believe it is the best choice for securing OT assets.


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