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Report: Frost and Sullivan Best Practise Award Research

Best Practise Award

2020 Global Manufacturing Execution System for Food and Beverage Product Leadership Award

Manufacturing enterprises are striving to transform their business processes digitally to deliver new products that increase profitability and revenue. F&B manufacturers are digitally transforming their manufacturing operations to achieve higher productivity and efficiency and enhanced manufacturing flexibility and quality while reducing the cost of compliance with internal and external regulations.

“ To help F&B manufacturers on their journey toward digital transformation, AVEVA offers a model-driven MES solution that combines the traditional advantages of an MES with a new digital workflow management approach to integrate people, processes, and businesses for enhanced efficiency and for capturing work procedures in digital workflows and relevant user experience models. In contrast to competitors in this space that provide only standalone MES software, AVEVA supports its MES capability with human-machine interface (HMI) and process control applications, device-agnostic manufacturing automation, and workflow management applications, thereby benefiting customers in terms of seamlessly integrating with their ongoing processes. “

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