SolutionsPT were appointed by Gas Recovery and Recycle Limited (GR2L) to support its breakthrough into the China market by providing an improved data collection and reporting service.

GR2LEstablished in 2008, GR2L is a specialist in the recovery, purification and recycling of purge gases used in the photovoltaics, microelectronics and material processing industries. The company’s flagship product, the ArgonØ™, is a world first in point-of-use argon recycling - recovering and recycling up to 95% of the purge gas from a vacuum furnace in a closed loop system and delivering a 90% average cost saving to users. By recycling argon gas, GR2L’s customers can improve the reliability of their argon supply, make significant cost savings and reduce their CO2 footprint by eliminating the need to have argon delivered via large cryo-refrigerated vehicles.

The availability of high purity argon, primarily a by-product from air separation producing oxygen for steel manufacture, has decreased over the last four years, resulting in significant price rises. China, in particular, has been hit hard with price increases of approximately 400% as the slowdown of the country’s steel manufacturing industry has led to the reduced availability of argon. As a result, a company in China has ordered 55 of GR2L’s ArgonØ units to ensure it has a reliable, consistent supply of the gas.

For internal maintenance purposes, GR2L produces regular reports on its ArgonØ units to ensure they are recovering and recycling 90% or more of the available argon. However, these reports had previously been generated by hand, which was time consuming and cost-ineffective. Recognising the need for a more efficient solution, GR2L turned to Wonderware UK & Ireland, who recommended installing its automated information management solution, Wonderware InSight powered by Wonderware Online.

GR2L_2Designed to collect, store, visualise and analyse industrial data, Wonderware InSight powered by Wonderware Online enables users to make smarter business decisions without requiring any additional IT staffing or infrastructure. The Wonderware solution is also easy to install and maintain, scalable and able to auto-generate customised reports based on specific statistical data.

Furthermore, the software also enables GR2L to monitor the health of its ArgonØs remotely, allowing immediate access to the units’ performance data from anywhere in the world via a range of devices, as well as allowing engineers to see trends in the collected data and enabling them to carry out pro-active maintenance to improve the performance of the units where necessary.

GR2L’s customers can also choose to directly access their ArgonØ’s performance data as an additional paid for service after the first year of their contract.


“By adding Wonderware software to our ArgonØ units, we will immediately improve our data collection and reporting capabilities.
We will also be able to monitor the performance and efficiency of our equipment and processes more quickly and effectively, while
simultaneously improving productivity by no longer needing to manually produce reports."

Rob Grant, CEO at GR2L