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Webinar - New AVEVA
InTouch Unlimited

Affordable SCADA/HMI: Unlimited Tags, Unlimited web clients, Development included

In this webinar we shall introduce InTouch Unlimited. InTouch was introduced in 1987 as the first HMI/SCADA on the Windows platform. It is 30+ year old, but it is not the same product anymore. This new release is a step change for InTouch.  

Webinar Speaker - Xchange

We shall dispel some common myths, such as:  

  • InTouch is old technology 
  • InTouch has tag limitations 
  • InTouch is expensive 
  • Development is not included with InTouch 


We’ll also explore InTouch Unlimited as it comes packed with: 

  • The latest web technology and unlimited web clients 
  • Built in historian and reporting 
  • Unlimited tags and connectivity to open standards like OPC UA, MQTT, Sparkplug B 


Be prepared to be wowed by our demo! During the session you will learn: 

  • How runtime web client users can build their own dashboards and personal workspaces on the fly without needing development tools. 
  • Explore the new web widgets: Maps, QR Code reader, Teamwork, Carousel, Web content 
  • Long tag names and enhanced Super Tags allowing you to more easily integrate with modern controllers 
  • How to publish your existing or old InTouch app over a web browser 
  • The InTouch Mobile app 
  • How a 30 year old InTouch app can be upgraded to the latest version in minutes to take advantage of the latest technologies 




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