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Webinar - Introducing MDT Software

Introducing MDT Software into our Recovery Portfolio

It’s quite normal to think about PCs and servers when we talk about recovery, and most importantly the data held on these systems is as close to digital gold as you can get.

The reality is that there are many more critical components to consider, and more often than not, these are overlooked.

Frequently we see PLCs, switches and firewalls not being protected in OT environments, which can cause extended periods of downtime whilst these devices are recovered.

A substantial recovery strategy forms part of a good cyber security approach, and if executed correctly will assist in saving valuable time in the event of an incident, helping to keep the cost of downtime to a minimum with faster, reliable recovery.

In our upcoming webinar we will showcase the blend of technologies we offer, which can give a complete recovery solution for all components of a modern control system.

We will cover the fundamentals of servers, workstations and data repositories, along with some best practice procedures for data protection.

We will also be introducing MDT to protect other control system components, and how this can be utilised with our other offerings to provide a superior recovery strategy.


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