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Webinar: MES should
not be a scary

An incremental journey

Manufacturing Execution Systems are key to operating your manufacturing facility in a smooth and controlled manner.  They allow work orders to be executed efficiently, inventory to be managed, quality to be maintained, finished goods to be tracked and traced in addition to ensuring that the machinery used throughout the process is operating as it should.

The objective of this webinar is to show how an MES journey can be incremental, can be matched to fit different budget points and can also built up in stages as time and budget allows.

We will explore how to:
•    Monitor machine downtime and efficiency using standard reporting software
•    Track Work Orders and OEE using a cloud SaaS (Software as a Service)
•    Incrementally implement a full shop floor MES system using our Model Driven Approach 
•    Integrate Scheduling with MES systems for greater equipment utilisation

Using the rationale that doing something is better than doing nothing, the first step in monitoring factory efficiency is often by gathering basic data from the plant and monitoring machine utilisation; this can be achieved in many different ways to suit the wider goals of a business.  Once the value of this first step has been proven, more complex projects can be undertaken to increase value and improve company profitability.  Using our modular approach, this can be matched to the goals of the business and also aligned to wider roadmaps so as not to cause significant disruption to business as usual processes.

Learning Outcomes:
•    Understand how starting small can provide easy quick wins cost effectively
•    Visualise how cloud SaaS can help to monitor and improve your shop floor availability 
•    Discover how a ‘big bang’ full factory multi-site MES  system can be developed incrementally and matched to the requirements of the business
•    See how scheduling can easily be integrated into MES systems
•    How to get started using our free cloud trials

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