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Success Story: MTC

Guided Analytics

Dubbed “the next stage of machine learning”, Guided Analytics is an in-built feature of AVEVA Insight software. The supervised machine learning tool allows operators to create custom training models with their own anomaly detection framework in just a few clicks. Importantly, with Guided Analytics, there is no data scientist or coding experience required to unlock this functionality.

To showcase this revolutionary technology development, SolutionsPT and MTC collaborated to create a demonstrator. At the time, the demonstrator was the first in the world to showcase this advancement, and following its success, Guided Analytics has since been deployed by the Coal Authority to automate data analytics for 75 pumps across 60 locations, enabling multi-site predictive and preventive maintenance.

The demonstrator acts as a risk-free testbed for other UK enterprises to assess the benefits of machine learning within their own organisation. 

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