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Webinar - Keeping
Production Running
with Octoplant

PLC Backup and Version Control

Every day your production plant is at risk of being compromised, and you most probably don’t know about it.

Octoplant might be a new name, but the technology is proven and robust. It offers an elegant and simple way to protect critical applications that are running on your PLC’s and SCADA systems.


Version control becomes effortless with Octoplant, with a host of tools and features to track every change made by everybody, all the time. Octoplant ensures your applications are protected and available quickly should an incident occur, it can be recovered quickly, which will reduce costly downtime and helps to protect the bottom line.

In this webinar we will be getting hands on with technical demonstrations to show just how simple the application is to operate. Also, how quickly and easily it could be integrated into your organisation to protect your mission critical applications.

Our expert panel will be exploring the new Octoplant application and looking at how it can be used effectively to keep your production running whilst adding security and change management to your critical infrastructure.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to manage PLC program versions.
  • Making backups that are current and always available in disaster situations.
  • How to recover quickly from disasters with a proper strategy in place .
  • Utilising how good housekeeping can reduce downtime .
  • How Octoplant can help you implement an automated backup and version control strategy.
  • How you can implement what you learn in this webinar to your own plant.


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