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AVEVA System Platform and OMI

The Control Room of the Future

The SCADA you know is evolving. The systems of yesteryear are no longer sufficient for the modern plant, which requires efficiency, ease of use and flexibility.

That’s where OMI (Operations Management Interface) comes in with System Platform as the SCADA of the future. With OMI you never have to build navigation again and you don’t have the maintenance overhead if you change or expand.

Fully integrated to your existing systems and providing a consistent interface across the stack, OMI is the basis for a control room which has lower stress, higher productivity and few mistakes.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you should be using OMI as your System Platform client
  • How to build navigation into your SCADA more efficiently
  • Developing applications quicker in OMI compared to InTouch for System Platform
  • How to configure productivity apps available for use in OMI
  • How to assemble an application with built in equipment context


Watch now to hear why OMI has replaced InTouch for System Platform as the default client for System Platform applications.

We shall show the key concepts of OMI – Context Driven Navigation, Screen Profiles, Layouts - and demonstrate how to build these. We will also explain what OMI Apps are and why they are so important as well as building an example application with productivity, visualisation and OT content apps.

Don’t miss this webinar showing why OMI is key to the control room of the future!

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