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Webinar - The rise of AI in
industrial machine

A new path to optimal efficiency

In the ever-changing world of digital transformation, there are always new ways of working and new possibilities for boosting profitability.

AI is more than this. It is the emerging bedrock of our day to day lives, transforming the way we consume media, purchase our groceries and maintain our cars. The effect on the industrial world will be no less transformative, and those who see the potential first will be the quickest to profit.

This webinar takes an in-depth look at what we really mean by the term AI in relation to industrial applications, what it contributes to operational efficiency and how your organisation can benefit from it without taking on extensive Cap-Ex projects or additional maintenance overhead.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How AI is making a real difference in optimizing machine maintenance
  • You do not need data scientists to implement AI solutions
  • Real world examples of how companies have benefitted from AI in maintenance
  • How to implement an AI based maintenance strategy quickly to maximize ROI
  • The importance of having partners with the right knowledge to implement AI solutions

We have partnered with Optimal, a specialist System Integrator with extensive domain knowledge around maintenance and operations. Join us to benefit from their experience in working with AVEVA Insight, leading international universities, and customer sites looking to improve asset utilization, uptime and reliability.

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