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Plant Portal Webinar

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Flexible, rapid and secure cloud connectivity for any industrial asset

Industry 4.0 digitally connected IIoT solutions are now a staple in many industrial plants. Manufacturers are in a race against time to gain a competitive advantage from Industry 4.0 investments.

Plant Portal is an easy pathway to rapidly getting data into your industrial cloud platform for operations securely without causing disruption to your plant networks, requiring additional firewalls and lengthy IT involvement. With Plant Portal, Industry 4.0 just got easier.

Our expert panel will discuss the key features of

  • Plant Portal Solo - for remote or stranded assets and
  • Plant Portal Connect – for traditional industrial plants

They will explain how they provide secure pathways for data from the plant floor to the enterprise and cloud

In this session, you will learn:

  • Architecting a safe and secure connection to the cloud from an industrial site​
  • Hardware components and configuration required for local or remote sites​
  • Software required for an edge to cloud gateway and how to configure it​
  • Configuring a cloud platform for industrial data​
  • How to create dashboards and analysis tools utilising an industrial cloud platform​

Join our webinar to find out how and bring your questions to the session!



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