Getting the expertise to the plant without getting the experts to the plant

We're aware that this is a difficult time for our customers and that the capabilities that a Secure Remote Access solution can deliver are becoming increasingly essential to enable them to continue to run their business.

Due to disruption to customers business systems and budgetary constraints, we have developed flexible approaches, such as deferring invoicing or offering additional months free of charge, to help our customers to secure the tools that they require to keep their systems running, whilst maintaining the security of their OT environment. 

Take a listen to our team explaining some of the ways this can be achieved!


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For more details, why not take a look at our in-depth webinar: Being on Site Whilst Working from Home

With many companies seeing an increase in demand whilst balancing reduced resources and the need to keep employees safe, it is tempting to compromise security for the ease of remote access.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. During our webinar, we discussed how you can maintain your normal rigour without the need to restrict access to critical assets:

Being on Site Whilst Working from Home (1)


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