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Webinar - Secure Your OT Environment

Patch Less, Protect More with Virtual Patching and Microsegmentation

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Is the constant struggle to patch your OT systems giving you a headache? You're not alone. Keeping industrial environments secure with regular Microsoft updates can be a nightmare. But fear not! This webinar unveils a game-changing solution: virtual patching.

Forget the patching pain! Virtual patching throws a protective shield around your OT systems, even for unsupported legacy OS like Windows 7 and XP, all without the hassle of constant updates. This session dives deep into:

  • The Virtual Patching Powerhouse: Unveiling how this innovative technology works and safeguards your OT assets from cyber threats.
  • Legacy OS Lifeline: Breathe new life into outdated systems like XP and Windows 7, ensuring they're not easy targets for attackers.
  • TXOne Advantage: Explore how TXOne simplifies patch management, allowing you to focus on what matters most - running your operations smoothly.


But that's not all! This webinar goes beyond virtual patching, delving into additional techniques like:

  • Microsegmentation deep dive: Learn how to segment your OT network for enhanced protection, creating isolated zones to contain potential breaches.
  • Proactive threat detection: Uncover advanced methods to identify and neutralize threats before they can cause damage.


Don't wait! Register now and unlock the secrets to securing your OT environment without the patching burden. Gain peace of mind knowing your critical systems are protected, even if they seem outdated. Join us and conquer the OT patching conundrum once and for all!

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