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ROI Guidebook

Stratus ztC Edge

Stratus provides the ztC Edge platform to address the challenges associated with traditional server and PC based architectures commonly utilised within automation. This edge computing platform is designed to be easily installed and maintained such that it relieves the demand on traditional IT and/or operations teams.

This allows customers to maximise the value of their automation software and hardware for their organisation and refocus their strategy on two key areas: (1) Allowing deployment of new software to support modernised reporting, analytics, visualisation and control, and (2) Enabling a more proactive maintenance framework to reduce net downtime and simplify processes for the responsible teams. Essentially, customers were looking to modernise from legacy server-based and PC-based architectures to a platform that is more redundant and requires less specialised expertise to manage and maintain.

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To better understand the benefits and costs associated with an investment in Stratus ztC Edge, Nucleus conducted an in-depth return on investment (ROI) assessment focused on the Stratus ztC Edge platform. Take a look at the findings...

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