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Webinar: An Anatomy
of a Cyber Incident
in an OT Environment

Thursday 18 July 2024

In today's digital age, our industrial infrastructure is increasingly reliant on interconnected systems. This creates a complex attack landscape for cybercriminals to target.

This webinar will provide you with a deep dive into the anatomy of a cyber incident within an OT environment. We'll explore the different stages of an attack, from initial infiltration to exfiltration of data, and the potential impact on your critical infrastructure.

By understanding these threats, you can take steps to mitigate risks and improve your OT cybersecurity posture.


We Will Discuss: 

  • A Day in the OT Trenches: We'll explore a typical workday for an OT professional, emphasising their responsibilities in mitigating cyber threats.
  • Security Landscape: We'll delve into existing security measures used in OT environments and identify common vulnerabilities exploited during attacks. 
  • Building a Stronger Defence: Leveraging industry best practices, we'll discuss actionable steps you can take to bolster your OT security posture.


What You Will Learn: 

  • Preventing Incidents: Learn about common mistakes that lead to cyberattacks and how to avoid them.
  • Incident Response: Discover crucial actions to take when a security breach occurs.
  • Beyond Technology: Understand that cybersecurity encompasses people, processes, and governance, not just technology. 
  • Actionable Steps: Gain practical pre- and post-incident response strategies.
  • The Chain Reaction: Explore how cyberattacks unfold and the impact of each stage.


So, whether you're an engineer, IT professional, or manager responsible for OT security, this webinar is for you.

Don't miss out! Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for optimising your industrial alarm management. 

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