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Webinar - Unleashing the
power of industrial data
with AVEVA PI -
(formerly OSI PI)

Enhancing Critical Decision-Making with AVEVA PI System

How do you collect data from a variety of sources, including sensors, devices, and complex and often distributed enterprise systems? 

What is your process to validate and clean the data to ensure its accuracy and consistency? 

Where do you store the data in a secure and scalable repository? 

And how do you work with the OT data, which is often not in a format easily understandable to business users who lack knowledge of tag names and the specific terminology used in OT? 

In this webinar, we will focus on the challenges of data management in OT operations, including the lack of standardisation, data quality issues, and data silos.  We will explore the importance of clean and aligned data for business operations, including improved decision-making, risk mitigation, and process optimisation. 

Our experts will discuss what AVEVA PI System is and how it can address the data challenges of OT operations, including unifying data from disparate sources and making it accessible to business users, connecting to any OT system, regardless of its age or technology stack and seamlessly integrating with brownfield and greenfield environments. 

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify the key data challenges faced by OT operations
  • Recognise the importance of clean and aligned data for business success
  • Understand the role of AVEVA PI in addressing OT data challenges
  • Appreciate the ability of AVEVA PI to serve as a central data repository and integrate with disparate OT systems
  • Gain insights into the digital transformation approach for OT operations, with AVEVA PI as a foundational element


Watch this webinar to understand why AVEVA PI System is a crucial step in a comprehensive digital transformation approach for OT operations and how it will transform your OT data into enterprise information. 

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