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Webinar - Achieving
maximum uptime

Achieving maximum uptime for industrial systems like SCADA

In this webinar we will answer important questions at the forefront of OT when designing and managing systems. 

How do you:

  • Achieve maximum uptime of critical systems like SCADA?

  • Implement, manage, maintain and troubleshoot your industrial computing environment with minimal IT investment and skillset?​


We will focus on:

  • High Availability of critical systems like SCADA should not be an afterthought. We will delve into the requirements and how systems can be architected so that the required outcomes can be achieved.

  • High availability systems are notoriously difficult to implement and maintain. This normally requires a high level of IT knowledge. Most OT engineers don’t have the skills and time to resolve IT problems. What is required for high availability systems to be configured and maintained with the average skillset of an automation engineer. We will show you how it is possible to achieve this.
  • Some industries and organisations have remote, unmanned sites. System availability at these sites is normally critical as there is nobody on site. In most cases it results in downtime when failures occur as maintenance personnel need to travel to solve issues. The right computing solution is required for these sites. Examples are wind farms, pumpstations and even airports.


Learning outcomes:

  • How to determine what your uptime requirements are
  • What the right hardware is to ensure the required level of uptime
  • How do you know what is the right architecture for your requirements
  • What resources are required to implement, manage and maintain high availability systems
  • How much will it cost to implement these kind of systems


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