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Webinar - A Deep Dive into
the latest AVEVA System
Platform 2023 R2

Unifying Industrial Control

Watch this webinar to explore the groundbreaking capabilities of AVEVA System Platform 2023 R2! 

In this session, we'll tackle your key questions and equip you with the knowledge to supercharge your SCADA systems: 

  • The Future of Industrial Control: We'll clarify the roles of AVEVA System Platform, OMI and InTouch, highlighting how they work together to deliver a comprehensive SCADA solution. 
  • A Web-Enabled Revolution: Discover how System Platform 2023 R2 empowers seamless access from any web browser, enhancing collaboration and accessibility across your entire organisation. 
  • Unified Industrial Landscape: Learn how System Platform's industry-leading Unified Namespace simplifies data management and streamlines SCADA operations across your entire enterprise. 


Learning Outcomes: 

  • Master the Latest Features: Gain in-depth knowledge of key functionalities, including: 
  • Choosing the Right Tool: OMI vs. InTouch - Understand the strengths of each platform and how they complement one another. 
  • Revolutionary OMI Web Client: Discover the power and scalability of the brand new OMI Web Client, featuring a webview engine and integrated security. 
  • Dynamic Graphic Creation: Explore the revolutionary EmbedContent feature, allowing for runtime graphic creation and simplified interface maintenance. 
  • Enhanced SCADA Experience: Learn about the improvements that streamline your workflow: 
  • Intuitive IDE Enhancements: Leverage the improved search function and reorganised menus for a more efficient development experience. 
  • Seamless Single Sign-On: Experience effortless access across SCADA applications with a single login. 
  • Optimised Data Handling: Benefit from improved data buffering for increased performance. 
  • Granular Alarm Management: Gain control with the new Alarm Latching feature. 
  • Effortless Language Switching: Navigate the platform with ease in your preferred language. 
  • Deployment and Reliability: Discover the resources to ensure a smooth implementation: 
  • New Deployment Guides: Access comprehensive guides for a successful deployment process. 
  • High Availability and Fault Tolerance: Learn about the strategies for maximising system uptime and resilience. 

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