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Democratising Decision Making

Unified Operations Centre for National Infrastructure

Bring end-to-end operational visibility across your distributed assets to maintain operational conditions, achieve greater situational awareness and improve crisis response. 

AVEVA Unified Operations Centre offers a control room solution that enables agile and responsive operations.   

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In this webinar, we’ll show how the Unified Operations Centre helps you to monitor and control critical infrastructure operations from end-to-end, and drill-down from broad regional views to asset specific KPIs, for complete performance visibility.​ 

Our expert team will show you how to: 

  • avoid needing operators to master multiple systems in carrying out their role 
  • get accurate information from one single, unified source that gives the full picture 
  • overcome the challenges of people and assets in geographically dispersed areas 
  • work with your existing systems to achieve everything you need, without the need to ‘rip and replace’
  • leverage workflows that turn insights into action 


With live software demonstrations and real-life customer success stories, we take a close look at the specific demands of customers looking after national infrastructure with geo-spaced assets.

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