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Unifying your water and wastewater operations

Now is the time to act

The AVEVA Unified Operations Center (UOC) is the foundation for real-time operational performance management for water and wastewater organizations, providing closed-loop enterprise-wide visibility to optimise assets and operations. Based on a “System of Systems” approach, AVEVA'S UOC allows the integration of out-of-the-box water industry solution templates, reports, dashboards and operational KPIs into a single platform.

The addition of predictive analytics, big data and augmented reality tools enable the transformation of traditional HMI and SCADA applications into the ideal convergence of Operational and Informational Technology.

In this whitepaper, we establish the holistic and innovative solution, and we detail the process and networks that enable us to provide you with the data you need and provide information to support your application of the provided data to achieve all-around efficiency for water operations.

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