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Webinar: AVEVA Edge 2023

Cost effective SCADA, HMI and IIoT Edge Solution - AVEVA Edge

At Xchange 2022 you got a glimpse of AVEVA Edge. In this deep dive webinar we will discover how versatile AVEVA Edge is as it allows you to rapidly build:

  • IIoT edge applications that can run on Linux devices
  • HMI applications that run on Windows embedded operating systems or Windows CE. Its small footprint is ideal for embedded and edge machines.
  • SCADA applications that offer all the tools you need for advanced SCADA applications.

AVEVA Edge allows you to quickly create cloud connected applications for local machine control or bigger HMI and SCADA applications. It has native cloud connectivity using modern protocols such as MQTT. This is a must see if you are looking for a cost effective, full featured solution.

During the webinar we’ll show you why AVEVA Edge is preferred by our customers. It offers unparalleled:

  • Interoperability – connect to anything and everything
  • Mobility – Native HTML 5 views on any device and browser
  • Portability – Choose which operating system works best for your application


We shall also dive into the new features coming in AVEVA Edge 2023.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to build applications that will run on a variety of operating systems
  • Creating cloud connected IIoT applications using MQTT and Sparkplug B
  • Rapidly share edge/plant floor information and KPI’s to relevant people
  • Smart capabilities often found in much more expensive products

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