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Webinar: What's new in InTouch 2023 and System Platform 2023

InTouch 2023, System Platform 2023, Communications Drivers 2023

At our recent Xchange conference, we gave delegates a summary of the 2023 releases of InTouch and System Platform. This webinar will now take a deep dive into the new capabilities of our most popular products; AVEVA InTouch 2023, AVEVA System Platform 2023 and Communications Drivers 2023.

InTouch 2023 brings with it the biggest step change since the introduction of ArchestrA Graphics in 2007, with new modernised Windowmaker and development environment that simplifies and enhances application development.

The 2023 update also provides:

  • improvements to the web experience beyond process graphics, and
  • enhanced tag management, with the introduction of unlimited tags, longer names and more flexible tag licensing and configuration options


System Platform 2023, the next evolution of our flagship platform, continues to enhance in several areas, such as:

  • security: Azure AD, CFR 21 part 11 and even more security hardening
  • the introduction of new productivity apps
  • improved engineering efficiency, like new bulk import capabilities to new animations data types & OPC functions, and
  • a modernised IDE user interface & help system

We will also introduce System Platform Enterprise and the new OMI Web Client. This new product enhances how you can use System Platform as an enterprise-wide visualisation platform giving access to user wherever they are.

Finally, we will explore Communications Drivers 2023. We shall look at the new features:

  • MQTT Sparkplug Publisher Already a consumer of Sparkplug data since previous versions, System Platform is now extended with a Publisher of Sparkplug data via MQTT with a clear aim towards Enterprise system and cloud services. The new Publisher is easily configured and require no engineering changes to the underlying application and
  • OPC UA Reverse Connect. Enhancements to OI Gateway strengthens the security posture by implementation of new security policies as well as Reverse Connect which enables communication with servers behind strict firewalls and server-side whitelisting of client connections


What you will learn from this webinar:


 1. InTouch 2023


  • How tag licensing options help build more cost-effective applications
  • Overview of the new development environment
  • Enhanced InTouch web client with user personalised workspaces
  • How to use the new map widget and other cool features that can enhance your applications


2. System Platform 2023

  • How to check objects in quicker than before
  • Explore how you can use the new apps in OMI
  • Learn how to dynamically change images at runtime
  • Learn how to use the new data grid widget makes it easy to display data


3. How we are supporting leading industry standards like MQTT and OPC UA 

Don’t miss this bumper webinar, packed with technical deep dive into these cornerstone platforms of industrial architecture.

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