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Success Stories

Others are already making the factory of the future their reality, are you?

We believe digital transformation can be
successfully applied by every industrial enterprise and that it can be simply and effectively achieved in a step-by-step approach that delivers a return on investment at every stage.

We’ve worked with customers to get them started on their transformation journey in a matter of hours, helping them to start seeing the value they can gain from it immediately.

Down with Downtime: Success Studies

New Belgium Brewing Improves Performance and Meets Customer Demands

Read how, with the help of an AVEVA solution, New Belgium Brewing's OEE increased from 45% to 65% in just over 2 years. Decreasing their downtime by more than 50%.

The efficiency of their scheduled run time also increased by 25% - 30% and they achieved record production weeks producing 190,000 to 200,000 cases consistently, successfully meeting customer demands.

Does this sound something you want to miss out on?

How Henkel Uses Big Data to Reduce its environmental Footprint

A solution developed to support Henkel's growth and sustainability strategies has resulted in a 9% reduction in energy consumption, which translates to €15 million in energy costs saved.

Reduction in filling line waste and elimination of all incorrect labeling also resulted in 100% label quality.

They've been able to demonstrate measurable improvements of 4.5% in OEE after just one year, can you afford to say no to that?

Schneider Electric’s Smart Factory Program: A lighthouse for digital transformation in manufacturing

Schneider Electric has received recognition of the Batam, Indonesia site as a Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) Lighthouse by the World Economic Forum.

They improved operational efficiency through real-time performance tracking and digital escalation for faster decision making with:

  • 44% less downtime.
  • 40% increase in on-time delivery for customers.
  • 21% energy savings achieved.


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