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Xchange Webinar Series 2023

AVEVA Operations Control: World First, SCADA and Beyond!
26 January 2023
AVEVA InTouch 2023; AVEVA System Platform 2023
9 February 2023
AVEVA Edge 2023 (formerly Indusoft) 
23 February 2023
Keeping Production Running with Octoplant - PLC backup and version control
30 March 2023
Asset Management with Real-Time Data and Predictive Maintenance
11 May 2023
Alarm System Best Practises 
8 June 2023
Why MES needn’t be a scary proposition 
29 June 2023

Xchange Ideas

Xchange is our forum to eXchange ideas, eXpand your knowledge and eXplore new products with experts from SolutionsPT, AVEVA, and a host of world-class industrial IT solution providers.

At  the Xchange Conference 2022, delegates learnt why AVEVA Operations Control changes the game, drives innovation in OT and accelerates Digital Transformation.

Perfect for operational management, senior executives and engineers, our new offering is a world first for the industrial world. 

Due to overwhelming delegate demand for a deeper dive into our product offering, we have developed a series of webinars for 2023.

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Xchange Conference 2022

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